[Video] Have A Blast At The Next House Party With This Soda Bottle Blaster (Soda Ninja Swipe) Technique!

Soda Bottle Blaster! – “Soda Ninja Swipe” — The King of Random

Ever heard of the “Soda Ninja Swipe?” It’s that technique you do with your hands to quickly unscrew the cap off a soda bottle, making a loud banging sound! Now how’s that for having a blast at your next house party? Many thanks to YouTube famous presenter ‘The King of Random’.

This technique is guaranteed to be a “blast” at parties, and will certainly turn heads and get you a reaction. For better or for worse!….Grant Thompson


With practice, this technique becomes second nature and very simple. When I do this at parties, people in the room jump, scream, and nearly every head in the room turns to look over and see what just happened.

It’s a great way to get everyone’s attention before making an important announcement. 🙂

**Shaken soda can shoot from a bottle like a geyser and make a fairly descent mess. Caution should be used if this is technique is attempted indoors or near anything valuable. Use of video content is at own risk.

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Image source: YouTube.

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