Easy Tips On How To Find Studs And Hide Wires And Cables.

It’s a big challenge for installers to run cables and wires in an already existing home. You’d have to go through a lot of meticulous assessments and plans before carrying out your actual work. You have to locate the studs, check what’s on the other side of the wall, and determine if an exterior wall has insulation or fire blocks before you can start actually running those cables in.

Finding studs in the wall is important because power outlets are commonly mounted on studs. Knowing what lies behind a certain wall lets you know if there are outlets mounted on the other side of that wall. And determining fire blocks or insulation is key to properly plan how cables will be mounted inside those walls. Fire blocks and insulation are quite challenging to maneuver; you’d have to use special tools in order to get the cables running smoothly through them.

This video will teach you easy tips on finding studs, locating cables, fishing wires, and maneuvering through fire blocks and insulation. It also teaches you how to cut and fix box holes in walls.

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