How To Build An Awesome High Velocity Vortex Cannon.

The human imagination has no limitation. Almost anything that the mind can think of, surely the hands can create, including a high velocity vortex cannon! A vortex cannon is a high-powered device that releases something like smoke rings called air vortices. However, these air vortices are larger and stronger in comparison. They are also invisible. Air cannons are built to basically see air in action, as it creates a blast zone in which objects within that zone are moved.

In this video, it will be demonstrated how to build a high velocity vortex cannon. The cannon is uses propane as fuel. It is a popular science project in which a garbage can is a popular material of choice, with a hole on its center and a diaphragm at the back.

This project is an upgrade of a common science demonstration. It fires off at a significant higher speed and the propane for fuel makes it even cooler. Watch this video to learn more about this awesome project!

Image source: NightHawkInLight

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