[Video] Make A Hitch Cargo Carrier Using Scrap Materials.

A hitch cargo carrier increases the amount of items that you can carry in your van or SUV when your vehicle is full of passengers and luggage. You can also use it when you need to carry along something that you don’t want inside the car like an ice chest or cooler.

This extension is connected at the back of your vehicle, essentially extending the car’s length. You can then put in anything on it that you want to carry along your trip. It’s usually made of light metal like aluminum so as not add unnecessary weight to the vehicle.

There are hitch cargo carriers already built and on sale in Amazon, if you have the extra cash. But if you want to save money and learn as you build your own carrier, you should watch this DIY tutorial video. The materials you will use for this project may already be lying around your shop.

source: sixtyfiveford

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One thought on “[Video] Make A Hitch Cargo Carrier Using Scrap Materials.

  • August 30, 2017 at 7:36 am

    Make sure to state that it is illegal to block your license plate with these things. Your plate must be visible or you can be stopped and fined. In PA plates are only on the rear of a vehicle and must be relocated if not visible. The picture in this article is setting you up for a fine as empty it is obstructing the plate! I have seen people block their plates and taillights when they load these things up! Not to mention weight capacity. Give people an opportunity to be stupid, and they will not dissapoint you. Some people use these to replace a trailer and load them up beyond belief.


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