Building A Hobo Stove: Useful For Both Hobos and Non-Hobos Alike.

While there are not too many hobos found around the world these days, the culture itself is still very much alive. The hobo lifestyle is still very much alive in pop culture, and there are even prominent personalities that consider themselves as hobos. Many people identify themselves as hobos, while others do it as a hobby.

To improve their odds of surviving, hobos have created all kinds of tools to aid them. Mostly improvised, a lot of these tools are considered very effective, and are commonly used not just by hobos, but also by backpackers and survivalists. Perhaps the most popular of all these improvised tools is the hobo stove.

The hobo stove is an improvised device that is used for both cooking and producing heat. It is also used for performing other survival tasks such as boiling water for purification purposes. Its ease of construction and versatility has made this improvised stove a fixture in most survival kits.

Image source: CrypticCRICKET

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