How To Use A Homemade Alaskan Mill To Turn A Tree Into Lumber.

Ever wonder how those huge trees are turned into lumber? Wooden slabs didn’t always look like those. It was part of a tree that has been cut down. It’s impractical to use whole trees in building houses so they need to be cut into smaller pieces before they can be used.

The process of turning a tree into lumber is called milling. Huge trees are cut into slabs using a mill. Milling is usually done by large companies because of the massive equipment and tools required. But there is a way to make your own Alaskan mill and do your own milling.

This is what the author will show you in this detailed video tutorial. You might wonder how a single person can turn a two-ton log into evenly cut slabs of wood all on his own. But it can be done using chain saw with a long blade and using a guide to set the thickness.

Image source: David Groth

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