Simple Yet Amazing Way To Create A DIY Poor Man’s Crucible.

DIY metal workers like you already know the importance of a sturdy crucible in your workshop. Crucibles are indispensable tools, especially when you love doing projects that need metal mixing and molding. Your crucible must hold molten metal efficiently without melting itself as well.

There are lots of steel and ceramic crucibles out there in the market. The price of each piece ranges from around $10 up, depending on the crucible’s main material. Steel crucibles are popular because they work well with heat and molten metals, and are not that expensive. But did you know that you can create your own durable crucible from scrap materials?

Got some old fire extinguishers at hand? Do some recycling by turning them into durable DIY crucibles! They may be dubbed as a “Poor Man’s Crucible”, but they’re as sturdy as your commercially made metal crucibles. Whip out your angle grinder, drill, and some bolts and nuts to get started.

 Image source: Makin Sumthin From Nuthin

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