[Video] Creating Your Own Hand Dryer Using An Old Hair Dryer.

If you have an old hair dryer that you don’t use anymore, you can transform it into a brand-new hand dryer. It’s similar to the hand dryers that you see in some restaurants, and it’s easy to make. You need to prepare a small balloon, an empty container, a LED light, an on/off switch, a plug cable, a wire, a wood block, and a hair dryer.

You should start with opening the hair dryer using screws and cutting the wires of the motor that are connected to the plug of the hair dryer. Next, cut the handle part of the blower, and reattach the motor using glue. Then, punch some holes in the empty container and place the wooden block inside. Lastly, reattach the wires of the motor to the switch and the plug.

Check out the video so you can learn how to craft a hand dryer. Be sure to follow and understand every step because one mistake can pose a threat to your life. You can also use the video as a guide to know the appropriate sizes of the materials used (e.g. the empty container is larger than the hair dyer, the wood block is smaller than the empty container, etc.).

source: Creative Life

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