Portable And Cheap Homemade Camping Hinge Stove Rack.

A portable camping stove rack can easily cost you $6 to $18. Plus, it might take a while before you can get one and you might even find that it is not all that “portable.”

The good news is that you can make your own homemade stove rack by using door hinges. All you need are three door strap hinges, a nut, and a bolt. They will not even cost you a dime if you already have all of them lying around your house.

Assembly is easy. Just connect all the corner hinge holes with the bolt. Arrange them in a circle, making sure that they are 120 degrees apart from each other. Lock them in place with a nut. And that’s it! To use, fold half of the hinge downwards and just let it stand on the ground. Put the pot or kettle on top of the hinges, and start a fire on the ground directly below the hinges.

Image source: Phil Crockett

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