DIY Project Idea: How You Can Make Homemade Long Bar Clamps.

Long bar clamps, also known as F-clamps and speed clamps, are useful tools for a woodworker. They feature two horizontal bars that are held by a vertical line. They are designed with an opening capacity, which you can easily adjust to fit a variety of applications. You may use them to fill gaps and for accommodating impact wrenches, breaker bars, ratchets, and other drivers.

Long bar clamps are one of the most popular types of clamps. When the opening capacity of most standard go-to clamps is too small, they come to the rescue. Since they slide bar’s opening capacity is wider than usual, they can secure a range of items, prevent part-slippage, and squeeze parts tightly.

While they’re useful in woodworking, buying these bar clamps is not always the right call. They can be very expensive. If you need them for single use, spending money is impractical. Instead, consider making them.

Image source:  HomeMade in Lviv

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