[Video] How To Make Milling Cutter For Engraver From Cigarette Lighter In Just Five Minutes.

Milling is a process that utilizes cutters rotating at a specific direction and angle in order to remove unwanted material. These are often used on materials made of wood or metal. Aside from removing material on surfaces, both professionals and beginners also use these milling cutters to etch on flat surfaces.

Milling cutters for engravers are often available at around $15-$40 per cutter type. But instead of buying cutters, it helps to know that one can easily turn spare pieces from old, discarded lighters into these engravers. That can easily help in saving a few bucks which can be used for more important expenses.  

The whole process only takes about five minutes, and does not require expert-level skills. It also uses ordinary tools that are readily available in local hardware stores. Much of the time spent lies in extracting the cigarette lighter wheel and bonding it with the nail to be used as the cutter. A detailed process is shown in the video.

 source: Victor V.

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