Tutorial: Pump Water Without Electricity By Building This DIY Ram Pump.

You probably never heard of a ram pump, basically because it’s forgotten technology. Ram pumps have been in existence for decades, and have actually become popular because of what it can do. First, it doesn’t require any external power source, because it only needs the force of moving water to function. Second, ram pumps are extremely simple machines; in fact only using two moving parts.

The principle behind a ram pump is quite simple: the pump is guided by a significant volume of moving water to gain momentum, therefore allowing it to pump a small amount of water upwards. Due to its simple construction, ram pumps can be made at home, using materials that can easily be found at nearby hardware stores.

If you’re interested to see it in action, then head on over to the next page and watch the video created by ‘ joshuaburks’. In the video, he explains how a ram pump works, and demonstrates how this machine can pump a relatively small amount of water enough for home use.

Image source: joshuaburks

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One thought on “Tutorial: Pump Water Without Electricity By Building This DIY Ram Pump.

  • December 5, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    I love it. So simple!! Thanks for your work and efforts to show those of us who have no clue how to build this sort of thing.


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