[Video] Repurpose Your Old Stuff: From Paint Can Locking Ring To Your Own Homemade Toggle Clamp.

With this, all you need is a few pieces of wood, drill, hammer, clamp, and a locking ring from a paint can. This is a quick and small project that you can do if you have at least an hour. Regular toggle clamps can easily cost you around $5 up to $12. Doing this project is not for saving some money — it is more about being resourceful and being capable of repurposing supposed junk material.

The process of creating your homemade toggle clamp is not that difficult. To be honest, you will be spending most of the time procuring the items if you do not have them lying around. However, it is not recommended that you force yourself to find a paint can lock ring just to go with this project.

Nonetheless, despite the cons, expect that you will find it satisfying to go through with this project. Anyway, enjoy watching the video.

source: Pask Makes

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