A Tutorial On Homemade Wind Turbines.

Almost anyone can easily get hooked on any project that involves free energy. A few years ago, DIY wind turbines and solar cells were the craze. YouTube was filled to the brim with these videos. Some of them were legit, while some were just outrageously unbelievable. Fortunately, this video falls under the former category.

Take note that this project involves a lot of metals and welding. A few of the things that you will need are a bicycle sprocket, chain, and chainring. Some of the tools you need are a welding machine and an angle grinder.

Of course, always prioritize your safety. Get your welding mask, glasses, and gloves ready before you start working on this project.

You might want to survey your location for a good spot where you can install your DIY wind turbine. With decent wind speed, this DIY wind turbine can generate 12 volts of electricity.

Image source: New Physicist

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