Save Time And Energy De-Icing Your Windshield Using This Homemade Recipe.

The winter season can be a hassle not only because of the cold, but also because of what it does to your car. Usually, snow ices up the windshield, and this should be a cause of concern to you. De-icing can become a tough job, and can become a lengthy process.

Good thing this video from ‘Living on a Dime’ is created to help save money, time, and energy just to de-ice your car’s windshield. The video showcases a simple recipe you can use to create a de-icer spray that truly gets the job done.

It also works great to prevent garage doors from freezing shut. Follow the video to find out how to create this awesome spray!

homemade_windshield_de-icer_spray_recipe-1Image source: Living on a Dime

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