[Video] Ever Wonder How a Multimeter Works? This Tutorial Is A Great Start In Familiarizing With Its Multiple Functions.

If you have ever seen an electronics technician at work, you may have wondered what that rectangular device with two protruding red and black probes is. It’s a very common device and has a lot of uses for anyone doing repairs on electronic circuit boards or building an electronics project.

That device is called the multimeter and it’s the electronics technician’s best friend because it’s an important equipment in designing and repairing electronic or electrical circuits. It can measure voltage, resistance, current, and circuit continuity as its basic features. Some more advanced types of multimeters can even measure electric and radio frequencies.

In this tutorial video, the author will show the basic ways you can use the multimeter. Even the very basic types of multimeters can be a useful tool around the house as you can detect low voltage on power outlets, breaks in wires, and other electrical or electronics issue.

source: kipkay

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