Tutorial: How To Drill A Hole In A Ceramic Tile Without Breaking It.

Ceramic tiles have been around for centuries. In modern homes, it’s commonly used for floors and walls. It’s a versatile material with considerable strength and great aesthetic properties because of the millions of colors and designs available. Tile installations are expected to last a lifetime because of the durability of ceramic.

So you have ceramic tiles for your bathroom walls and now you need to drill a hole to attach a fixture? The strength of ceramic tiles makes it difficult to drill a hole in it. If not done properly, you will end up with a cracked tile or one that has many scratches on it.

Don’t fret. There is actually an easy, foolproof way to drill a hole in a ceramic tile. To make it easier, the DIY video even listed the tools and drill bits used in the tutorial. You just need to follow the tips and steps carefully and you should be fine.

Image source: DIYForKnuckleheads

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One thought on “Tutorial: How To Drill A Hole In A Ceramic Tile Without Breaking It.

  • December 26, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    How can you tell ceramic tile from porcelain tile?


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