Installing Gutters On Your Gutter-Less Home: A One-Day Project.

Gutters are crucial parts of a house. It protects it from rain. If you do not have any gutters, your house’s foundation and the soil around your house will easily erode. Even if you are not living in a rainy area, it is important that you still install them. You will never know when rain will come — even if your location is experiencing a dry spell.

It is not expected that this is a one-man job. It is possible but there will a bit of risk, especially if you are going to install a gutter that is more than 10 feet long — not to mention that you will need to spend some time on this project.

Anyway, your life will be easier doing this project if you have a rivet gun, hand drill, and angle grinder. You can find gutters at your regular hardware store. Most of them are pre-fab — meaning that they will have the same length. If you need longer gutters, you will need to link or attach the gutters you have, or get someone to make one for you.

Image source: MrFixIt DIY

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