Learn Two Ways To Properly Solder Components On A PCB.

Soldering components in a printed circuit board can be a tough process for beginners. There are two techniques that can be done to solder components of different packages. The through-hole technology (THT) is one of the more common ways since most of the integrated circuits have dual inline package (DIP). The components will be inserted through the hole to be soldered onto the board.

For the newest IC technology, a surface-mount device (SMD) is preferred. As its name suggests, the components are mounted on the surface of the board with none of its pins showing on the other side.

In this video, you will learn tips and tricks on how to solder using THT and SMD techniques. It is recommended to have a soldering station and hot-air station to create better PCBs. There are more types of packages for integrated circuits and each type will be demonstrated in the video so watch it now!

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