Learn How To Effectively Repair Your Timber Deck.

Many Australian style homes have a timber deck installed. It is an iconic piece to those houses and are an essential part of the Aussie love for outdoor activities and entertainment. However, through years and years of wear and tear, the deck condition can significantly degrade. Instead of looking for a new timber deck or finding repairmen to do the repair for you, you can repair your own!

In this video, ‘Home Timber & Hardware’ will discuss some of the most useful tips and tricks to stain and repair your own timber deck. They will also share a few techniques in determining if your deck needs a vamp or is still in good condition such as a water drop test.

The steps are quite simple, and it is also a task for a family to do where they can bond and have fun. The materials needed are also provided in the video. Watch it to learn more and start your project!

Image source: Home Timber & Hardware

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