How To Theft-Proof Your Home: Simple Steps Homeowners Can Take To Reduce The Chances They’ll Be Burglarized.

Inexpensive Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home — familyhandyman. Protecting a home from break-ins is high up on everyone’s priority list. But fending off burglars and thieves doesn’t always require one to buy expensive security systems, or plunking down cash to turn houses into impenetrable forts.

You want to protect your home, and the people and things within it, but a monthly home security system is outside your budget. Don’t worry, here are several inexpensive ways to make your home less attractive to thieves. Many thanks to ‘familyhandyman’.

Tips to make your home more burglar resistant without spending a fortune.

Theft-Proof_Your_Home1Pick-Proof Your Dead Bolt

Even amateur thieves can pick a lock. To hold the dead bolt firmly in place so the door can’t open, install the SIMLock ( Replace a dead bolt screw with SIMLock’s special screw, then slide the “lock” over it to keep the dead bolt from turning. This product only works on dead bolts that lock in the vertical position.

Theft-Proof_Your_Home2Reinforce Your Entry Door Strike Plate

Reinforcing your door’s weak spot, the jamb, with a heavy-duty strike plate and extra-long screws gives it the added strength needed to withstand a burglar trying to kick in your door. If your dead bolt was installed within the last 10 years, it’s probably already reinforced. To check, simply remove the strike plate. If it’s heavy steel with at least 3-in. screws or has a heavy reinforcing plate, you can rest easy. If not, buy strike plate-reinforcing hardware.

To install, remove the old strike plate, then hold the new one in place and deeply score around it. Chisel out space for the new plate, then mount it by driving 3-in. screws through predrilled holes.

Theft-Proof_Your_Home3Add Inexpensive Door and Window Alarms

Keeping doors and windows locked is your first line of defense. Make wireless alarms your second. Burglars hate noises, so even a small alarm usually sends them running. The alarms are available at home centers. Use the alarms for doors and windows in “hidden” areas of the house where you don’t normally gather and that are often dark.

Theft-Proof_Your_Home4Beef Up Your Wooden Garage Entry Door

A flimsy old wooden garage entry door has weak center panels that can easily be kicked in, making it a favorite target for thieves. Adding a dead bolt won’t solve that problem. A down-and-dirty way to beef up the door is to add a 1/2-in. plywood reinforcement panel and then bar it with 2x4s placed in bar-holder brackets.

Theft-Proof_Your_Home5Keep Spare Keys in a Lock Box

Hiding a house key is risky business. Clever (or lucky) burglars sometimes find hidden keys. And insurance companies may refuse to cover your losses if there’s no sign of forced entry. The solution is a combination lock box

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