Creating Power With Responsibility: The Hydroelectric Generator Is A Better And More Eco-friendly alternative For Power Source Than Any Industrial Ones.

The Five-gallon bucket hydroelectric generator is the brainchild of Sam Redfield, a lighting technician and technology designer respected in this field. His aim is to help far-flung communities in developing countries to have electricity that their own government could not give them, by providing a cheaper and safer power source.

The DIY generator is made from materials that can be found and purchased in hardware stores and home depots. When created and installed in large scale as seen in the video, the generator may be difficult and tedious to assemble. But once it is done, maintenance and repair is easy.

Powering the generator also does not take much. Since it uses the power of water being transported from upstream to downstream (plus some reusable batteries), there is next to none power wastage. Once installed properly, the generator can operate without altering the area or destroying the ecosystem of the location.

Image source: Sam Redfield

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