[Video] Huffing And Puffing, Airbeds For The Win! An Airbed Easily Conforms To The Shape Of Your Body, Giving You A Good Night’s Sleep. Inflate An Airbed Without A Pump.

Airbeds are a comfier alternative to sleeping bags when it comes to camping activities. It is less baggy and therefore requires less space. However, some veer away from it because it can be difficult and tedious to assemble, especially if you would do so after a day of trekking and hiking.

In camping, the more creative you are in providing alternatives for your daily activities, the higher your survival rate. In this case, using a garbage bag to collect and pump air inside the airbed is a safer compromise. Like the airbed, it does not take up much space when packed.

It takes less time than breathing air inside–plus, your lungs will thank you for sparing them the effort. However, it would still give your air sacs a workout because it takes a few repetitive strokes before the task is complete. Still, it is a better alternative than huffing and puffing.

source: DaveHax

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