It Takes Less Than 15 Minutes To Install A Door. Here’s How.

Blue collar jobs are becoming more and more in demand nowadays. That’s the reason why learning a skill like woodworking and welding is worth your money, time, and effort that you put into it. One such skill is carpentry. This skill can become handy during house repairs and can also help you earn a few bucks.

One of the most common tasks in carpentry is installing a door. The steps are actually simple to learn, but it can sometimes be tricky. You need to install the door precisely or you’ll end up with unwanted gaps and creaks.

The veteran carpenter in this video claims that you can install a door in less than 15 minutes. He will tackle the usual issues encountered when doing this task and how to avoid them. The installation process is done in detail and there are useful tips and tricks being mentioned by the author as you watch the video.

Image source: alwow77

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