[Video] Solderless Plumbing: Learn How To Connect Copper Pipes Without Soldering.

Solderless plumbing is one of the easiest ways of joining copper pipes. It can withstand pressure and temperature ranges in residential and commercial buildings, thus making it useful. This type of plumbing is at par with soldering and brazing since it is also capable of cold and hot water distribution and heating or cooling systems and distribution of fuel gases and other compressed air.

Push-connect and press-connect solderless fittings prove beneficial both in emergency repairs and system modifications. Fire safety in installation is avoided since no heat is used in connecting copper pipes. Discoloration and damage to nearby furniture and equipment is also avoided.

Learning how to connect copper pipes without using heat will surely help plumbers both in household repairs and commercial systems. This video also provides a number of tips in using solderless fittings and ways to avoid deburring that will damage the pipe fitting.

source: TheOldkid888

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