Joining 3 Motors In 1

If you are into machinery and you have the right equipment in your workshop, you can create a three-cylinder mini engine all by yourself at home. No complicated things here, because you will be joining together three separate motors to form one powerful mini engine.

This video demonstrates how to create this three-cylinder mini engine from scratch. You will need the basic parts such as three identical mini-cylinder motors, flywheel, antenna tubes, Loctite 603 glue, screws, and an air compressor.

The video shows detailed steps on how to achieve the finished mini engine. It basically involves putting together those three separate cylinders using a variety of processes. You’ll have to modify the flywheel so it suits the motors, then create the motor base and attach the flywheel to it. After that, you will create air inlets as well as the flywheel’s outer ring, and attach all of them to the motor.

Image source: JohnnyQ90

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