[Video] Just Add Pressure: Creating Your Very Own Instant Cloud!

Instant Clouds: Just Add Pressure! — The Oakland Toy Lab

Ever wonder how to trap a small cloud in a bottle? By applying pressure and using materials you can easily find at any hardware store, your dream of creating your very own cloud can now come true.

The instructions below will help you get started. Many thanks to author ‘The Oakland Toy Lab’ @ instructables.

Time to make Zeus jealous. With a little bit of pressure applied, a front of cloudy weather will be moving in to your bottle in less than a microsecond. You can re-create the same process that clouds go through when forming to make your very own pet cloud.

There are other methods out there, but I truly prefer this one, and wanted to share it because it’s so easy and stunning!

What: Instant Cloud!

Concepts: pressure, meteorology, physics, adiabatic process, water cycle

Rubber Stopper with no hole (can get at hardware store)
Water Bottle (bigger is more fun)
Isopropyl Alcohol (99%)

Bike pump with sports needle

All right! Let’s start clouding around!

You are about to be the master of weather, and with that comes great responsibility. First, gather up the 99% isopropyl alcohol from a pharmacy, your stopper with no hole, and a bike pump.


We are basically going to put the liquid alcohol under a lot of pressure, and then when the pressure drops the molecules act like springs that have been squished too tight, and they release into the air in vapor form. This works so much better with alcohol because the hydrogen bonding (cohesive force) isn’t as tight as with water, so they spring up easier.

KIND CAUTION: Because we are using alcohol, please be careful with flames near the bottle especially as it volatizes…

Head to Instructables for complete instructions and details.

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Here is the video shows the result.

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