How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Engine Compartment.

Rodents like mice, rats and squirrels sometimes choose engine compartments and motors as their habitat. This is a particularly common problem to people who live in the rural areas. However, rodents cause major problems to cars and engines when they continue living there.

They can gnaw wires, rip out insulation and live trash inside from their food and nesting habits. Squirrels will leave remains of their nut-cracking. Rats will also leave food remains that can make your engine look dirty. There are simple ways you can do to keep these rodents away from your engine.

In this video, simple household materials such as moth balls and a small container can be used to keep your engine rodent-free. Moth balls can be purchased from convenience stores for a cheap price or you may already have it in your house. The moth balls will be placed inside a small plastic container and this container will be placed inside the engine or under the motor.

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