The Bowline Knot’s Close Cousin That Looks And Works Exactly The Same Like It.

Learning how to tie different kinds of knots is a skill you probably have picked up during your years as a Boy or Girl Scout. Or maybe an older relative taught you to do so. But there is no doubt that knot-tying is an important skill to have. It may seem quite a simple skill, but it can be a crucial lifesaver when you are in situations such as getting lost in the wilderness or getting through a mountain climbing trip gone wrong.

If you are someone who is into knot-tying, chances are that you are well familiar with the bowline knot. This simple knot is used to secure a fixed “eye” at a rope’s end and is especially useful in hoisting up objects. It is also one of the four maritime knots used by sailors.

But did you know that the bowline knot has an equally useful look-alike knot? It is indeed interesting to note how knots can actually look the same while being totally different at the same time.

Image source: spelunkerd

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