[Video] Know Your Different Types Of Screws. When And How To Use Them.

These days, fewer and fewer people use nails not because nails easily rust or they have lost their durability. It is because people are always in a rush. They have no time to hammer nails. Using screws is simply more convenient. With a driver, you can insert screws anywhere with ease.

Screws are deemed harder than nails. They also have the upper hand in terms of resistance. Nails’ resistance to draw out of the wood deteriorates as time goes by while screws are almost impossible to draw out on its own. There are actually different types and sizes of screws. Each has its own application and functions.

It is important to know your screws and their differences. Structural screws, for instance, are great for pressure-treated lumber due to their ability to resist corrosive chemicals. Dry wall screws, on the other hand, are particularly harder. Their characteristics cause their limitations in use. All information provided in the following video is vital for construction using screws.

source: Essential Craftsman

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