[Video] Enhance Your Bushcraft Skills: Learn How To Make A Bow.

bushcraft skills: how to make a bow. just a very basic one — bushcraftmyway

A long, thick hazel stick is best for this project. It is easy to peel off its bark, and it has a natural bend you can encourage by cutting and peeling. The end result is not a fine bow, but is good enough for casual use. Many thanks to the video presenter ‘bushcraftmyway’.

Making bows is a fine art, but one can make a crude bow in a very short time and with little effort.

I used hazel, which is the perfect wood for this kind of bow: soft enough to be easy to carve, strong (especially if fire hardened) and elastic enough to make a decent bow.

I intentionally didn’t tiller the bow, just to show that even a not-so-perfect bow can be usable… also, I decided to skip the fire hardening, which would have resulted into a stronger bow. The whole thing took about half of hour an very little effort.

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Image source: YouTube.

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