DIY: A Cheap And Efficient Fix For Your Sunken Concrete Slabs.

Your concrete pathway is starting to sink and you want to have it fixed? Do not call the Hydraulic Jacking Company who might charge you $350 just to have it straight again.  You can do it on your own, cheaply and efficiently. $6 for 2 bags of cement is all you need and you are good to go.

It may look like a hard job which, to some, might seem that only experienced workers can accomplish. However, this video will show you that with just a bit of know-how you can take on the job yourself. All you need is just a few wood planks, 2 bags of concrete, and a bit of effort in putting it all together.

Do not always rely on professional services. You can do many things on your own when given the proper instructions which this video seeks to accomplish. Not only will you save cash, but you’ll also be able to learn something new.

Image source: Expressions-LTD

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