Make Your Own Greg Klassen-Inspired Live Edge River Coffee Table.

Are you familiar with Greg Klassen? He’s a talented furniture maker and artist from Washington. He is well-celebrated for his use of glass and raw wood in creating river and lake designs inside his wooden furniture pieces. Klassen’s one-of-a-kind pieces look so natural and lovely that anyone would be intrigued and ultimately be drawn to his lovely glass-within-wood masterpieces.

Klassen’s tables and chairs are artfully crafted from naturally beautiful raw wood. He further adds an interesting touch by having custom-made glass panels embedded within the wood furniture base, resembling a flowing body of water within the wood piece itself.  

Classy and creative have mixed up beautifully in wood furniture inspired by Greg Klassen’s flowy glass river designs. But don’t go rushing to a furniture shop to get one! Dedicated woodworkers like you can now recreate the beauty of Klassen’s water-like designs by creating your very own Live Edge River Coffee Table. Watch the video to learn how it’s done.

Image source: Crafted Workshop

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