Do You Want To Broadcast Your Own Programs Within The Local Neighborhood? This Project Will Make That A Reality. Build Your Mini FM Transmitter-Spybug That Can Transmit Over A Long Distance.

If you ever watched a spy or action movie wherein people are getting those ‘surveillance bugs’ inside their houses, you might be curious on how they are made. Those spy devices are transmitters that emit radio signals which are then picked up by a receiver being carried by the people spying on them.

That’s also the same way an FM radio station works. A powerful signal is transmitted via the radio station tower and your radio picks it up. The radio waves are then converted to audio signals through an array of electronic components, then goes out the radio’s speaker.

If you want to build your own FM transmitter that can transmit over a long distance, you might want to give the project presented in this DIY tutorial video a try. Do you want to broadcast your own programs within the local neighborhood? This project will make that a reality.

Image source: TechBuilder

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