Create Your Own Dust Vortex Less Than $2!

A dust vortex can be a very valuable asset to any workshop. It is the perfect alternative to a dedicated dust collection system, which can be very expensive to install. With the appropriate equipment, you can build your vortex using a vacuum cleaner. But did you know that you can build one for under $2?

So how does a dust vortex work? This device will help remove dust and other particles that lie around your workplace. Beyond collecting dust, the vortex also sorts collected particles according to their size. The small particles make it inside the vacuum cleaner, while the large particles are placed in a different container.

Many would think that creating such a system would cost a lot of money. However, building your own vortex is actually surprisingly cheap. In fact, you can even build one under a very tight budget. This video shows how to make a dust vortex under $2.

Image source: Mark Susak

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