A Dowel That Floats In Midair? Here’s How.

If you have woodworking skills and want to try your hand on something amazing, why not try a magnetic levitating dowel? This will surely be an interesting conversational piece when you invite your friends or family over.

No, you don’t need magic to make this project but it will look like there’s something supernatural with it. The secret? Magnets. The trick is to use magnets and orient them so that their poles oppose each other. This will make the dowel seem to float in the air.

And to make it even more mystifying, one pair of magnets will be hidden inside the levitation block. The other pair will be on both ends of the dowel. The magnetic forces will then oppose each other and will make the dowel float. To find out how it works, watch the video.

Image source: Jack Houweling

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