Making Your Own Magnetic Tool Holder.

Getting around in a disorganized workshop or garage can be a pain, especially with all the tools lying around. You can store your small tools in toolboxes and place them near a work table. Better yet, mount them on the wall using magnetic tool holders.

Magnetic tool holder offers a convenient storage for tools such as spanners, wrenches, grips, and screwdrivers. It provides easy access while it saves space. It is powerful and allows even the largest tool to hang firmly and safely.

While these tool holders are quite cheap – you can buy one for as low as 10 dollars – making one at home is cheaper and more satisfying. All you need is a piece of wood or board, some magnets, and screws. You can set it up to have the number of holders you need. Before you create your own, watch this video of an upgraded magnetic tool holder.

Image source: JAMdiversified

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