Try Your Hand At Making Your Very Own Automatic Drill Press At Home.

A drill press is a kind of drill that’s fixed. It can be bolted to the floor or mounted on a stand. It’s mainly used to produce holes on hard substances such as metals. You can easily buy a drill press. But if you have some of the materials to make your own drill press, you might want to try making one for yourself, by yourself.

A drill press is usually used in machine shops and by hobbyists. If you’re a hobbyist who is looking for a new project and would like your own drill press, this project is for you! You will find the complete details about the project in the video. You’ll see the step-by-step process on how the drill press was made.

This is a special drill press since you won’t need to manually lower the drill to the material you’re working on. You will have buttons instead which will make the work easier and less tiring. Be ready with your woodworking and soldering skills to start this project.

Image source: Mr. NK

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