Building A Belt Sander From Scratch At Own Home And Its Benefits.

Picture this! Your home is also home to rusty things and splinters. Just as you are about to throw your rusty bottle cap collection, you realized that you actually have ample time on your hands at the moment. What would you do? Make a belt sander at home, of course!

A belt sander is an equipment used in refining and finishing wood and other materials. Varying in size, these power tools can be classified into two: handheld or stationary. Due to its powerful spinning motion caused by an electric motor, it is usually used in sanding processes and removing rust.

If there is an old power drill just lying around the nook of your home, making this one is not impossible. A powerful tool such as a belt sander is an immense help in refining things around the household. Maybe those rusty bottle cap collection can be kept after all.

Image source: Mr. NK

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