[Video] From Throwing Scrap To Saving Metal: Turning Copper Into Ingots Is A Useful And Easier Way Of Storing And Melting The Metal Into Moldable Form.

Copper has been the most utilized metal since 7000 BC. Because of its high conducting ability and low heat sensitivity, it is part of the electrical wirings of appliances such as radios, TV sets, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Most appliances today have copper in them one way or another.

Copper is also used for water piping because it does not corrode easily. Because it is malleable, it can be hammered, formed, and stretched extensively without breaking its surface. When combined with sulphate, it can stop the roots of plants and trees from going through the pipes placed underneath them.

With its many uses, copper continues to become an invaluable item. By molding scrap copper into ingots, you can either store them easily for future use (because of its rectangular prism shape), or you can sell them starting at $2.12 per pound, depending on the source and its purity.

source: Tito4re

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