[Video] Learn How To Build Your Own Electric Foundry For Metal Casting. Faster To Heat Up For You Metal Casting In Less Time.

If you are into metalworking and you have melted metals in order to forge them into useful tools and equipment, you know the importance of having a good foundry. The foundry should be able to reach high temperatures quickly for it to be used in melting metals efficiently.

There are foundries that can be bought off store and they are great for beginners. But most advanced metalworkers design their own foundries according to their requirements and experiences in working with different kinds of metals. They feel that having a customized foundry helps them work faster.

In this DIY tutorial video, the author will guide you on how to design and make a customized electric foundry to be used for your own metal casting requirements. Unlike foundries fueled by fire, electric foundries take faster to heat up so you can melt metals in less time. Thus, you have more left to work on other projects.

source: TAOW

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