DIY Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Forge, Fast And Easy.

Most would say that with the birth and high availability of more modern weaponry, the age of forging has passed. People say gone are the days when man would forge a knife, a sword, or an axe from a block of steel now that there are factories producing knives, axes, and other tools in big batches.

But why are there still blacksmiths around? Either for hobby or profession, these people continue to uplift the age-old tradition of doing manual labor in molding a bladed weapon from raw steel. If you have ever watched an episode of Forged in Fire, you know these men still exist.

And if that program has inspired you to become a forger in hopes of undertaking projects which you plan to use yourself or to sell to other people, then the first thing you need to have is a forge. This is what this DIY tutorial video is all about: making your own forge in the easiest way.

Image source: Marek Tabi

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