Learn How To Make Your Own Glue Gun At Home!

Glue guns are commonly used in crafting and DIY project making. Their wide range of uses as an adhesive and molder make them handy when it comes to doing projects and crafts. However, they can be expensive depending on the size and brand. Some don’t even serve the purpose quite well and it can be frustrating to spend a couple of money to something that doesn’t work.

In this video, the creator made his own hot glue gun at home using a few piece of scrap metals. The scraps were cut to form the tip of a glue gun, soldered together to secure the piece. A piece of wood is attached to the metal piece to form a wooden handle, and the glue stick is inserted into the metal tip.

A few copper wires were also tied to make the DIY almost look like a manufactured glue gun which is pumpable. Watch the video to learn how to make your own glue gun with simple tools and tricks!

Image source: The Wrench

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