Turn That Old Rusty Saw Into A Knife – Here’s How.

Knife making is one of those skills that have been passed on from one generation to another. It can also be a hobby that can help you save money or earn a few bucks if you want to sell your projects. Either way, a handmade knife is always a great conversational piece.

Making your own knife doesn’t mean you have to mine for iron and mix it with carbon to make steel. If you take a look in your own garage or workshop, there may be scrap objects lying around that you can use to make your knives from.

For this project, you will know how to breathe new life into that old rusty circular saw that you don’t use anymore. This DIY video tutorial explains all the materials and equipment needed for the project. It will require a bit of knowledge on metalworking but this project is good for beginners.

Image source: M.N. Projects

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