Making A Knife Using An Angle Grinder And Other Basic Tools.

You may have grown up believing that only blacksmiths are able to create knives. In fact, making a knife of your own doesn’t require impressive blacksmithery; nor do you need other fancy tools just to make on. You can make your own knife by just using an angle grinder and other basic tools you might already have in your toolbox.

This DIY tutorial demonstrates how you can use an angle grinder, a drill, and other basic tools to assemble and create a knife of your own. The presenter starts off by sharing what kind of steel he uses, and even shares the design of the knife, which has zero plunge lines.

If you want to save on buying knives or you just want to experience creating your own knife, then this tutorial is perfect for you. However, keep in mind that this project will require a lot of time and patience due to all the grinding.

Image source: OUTDOORS55

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