DIY Project: Learn How To Make Your Very Own Pipe Vise.

A pipe vise is an essential plumbing tool that is used to hold different sizes of pipes or tubing while being threaded or cut. It is an important tool that is also used in pipe welding and to assemble different pipeline components. There are two types of pipe vise: chain and hinged.

Their differences are mainly focused on the material they use to secure pipes. The chain pipe vise, as its name suggests, uses a chain to hold a pipe. The hinged pipe vise, also called yoke pipe vise, holds pipes between a pair of v-shaped jaws.

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to construct your own hinged pipe vise using scrap metal pieces joined by screws and bolts. It can be adjusted in order to allow different kinds and sizes of pipes to be secured while cutting or threading, which will also be demonstrated in the video.

Image source: Mistry MakeTool

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