[Video] Making Your Own Simple & Free TV Antenna With Some Scrap Wire And Electrical Tape.

Cutting off the subscription may be your first step into life without cable. Or you may just want to bring back the old times and go over-the-air. Before you do that, you may also want to make sure first that you have a good TV antenna in order to get that crisp images you want.

Then again, you want to live cheap that’s why you terminated your cable contract, right. Being the innovative and creative DIYer that you are, you decide to make an antenna all by yourself. And of course, you want to make one as cheap as possible. This video might just be the right one for you.

In this DIY video, the author will show how to make simple TV antenna and if you have the cable already, you won’t need to shell out a single dime. The tools you will need are a pair of pliers, a measuring tape, a cutter, and electrical tape. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

source: Cord Cutter

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