Learn How To Make Your Own Soldering Iron In 2 Unique Ways!

A soldering iron is one of the most common tools used in electronics and project making. It is a tool used to secure metal pieces together or permanently place electronic components on a printed circuit board. It can be very expensive depending on the size and brand of the soldering iron. However, you can create your own soldering iron, as demonstrated in this video!

The creator created a soldering iron using two methods. First, he transformed a normal pencil into a fully functional soldering iron. He used a wire and a plug to make the electricity conduct, and a roll of lead is attached to the device to make soldering easier and more efficient.

For the second method, he also used a pencil but the style of the project itself is different. A copper wire is rolled at the tip, and the project is powered through a USB cable attached to an adapter. Watch the video to learn more!

Image source: Make Stuff

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