DIY Spring Maker: Make Your Own Springs At Home.

The concept of springs is pretty simple: they are just coils of wire that compress under tension and store energy to return to their original shape. However, the process of making a spring usually requires special machinery with a metal cylinder that spins the wire around to form the spring.

What if you could replicate this at home? Instead of using expensive and complicated machinery, you can simply build your own metal cylinder of the desired diameter for your spring, and manually spin the coil around to create your spring. The primary benefit of this manual way of making springs is that you can decide on the diameter, the number of active coils, and space between each one – all important factors affecting the flexibility and recoil of your spring.

This video shows you how to build a straightforward and practically designed metal cylinder with a stand, requiring only basic cutting and welding skills and equipment. The instructor also provides a quick demonstration of how to use it to coil yourself a proper spring.

Image source: Mr Novruz

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