Want To Make Perfect Miter Cuts Less Than 90 Degrees? Here’s A Little Secret.

Learning how to work with wood can help you save a lot of money or earn extra income depending on what you want to do with the skill. You save by taking on projects for your own home or you can do projects for other people, thus earning some serious bucks.

One of the most common tasks you encounter when working with wood is making a miter joint. It’s usually done to make corners of a frame by cutting at the edge of a piece of wood using a 45-degree angle. It’s one of the basic skills you need to learn.

But what if the miter joint requires an angle that is less than 90 degrees? The square ruler is really only good for making 90-degree miter cuts. Here is where the trick shown in this video comes in. Let the author show you how to make miter cuts that are below 90 degrees.

Image source: seejanedrill

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